So, before being a full time shop-girl, I used to be a dancer and exercising was my job. I never had to do it on my own time, and there were some really nice things about that. But now that I hang out with all you nice people, I’ve realized that my self-motivated exercise skills are more or less non-existent.  After a couple years of pretending I’m still in great shape, while being more or less sedentary, I’ve decided it’s time to get down to business and whip myself into shape.


And guess what! I have a new trick! Cute work-out clothes! I sounds silly, but having something you feel good in when working out a) makes you excited to put them on and get sweaty and b) makes you feel confident and powerful when you would otherwise be distracted by the taste of blood in your mouth.

I came across Alo Yoga last year when I took up Zumba and  was surprised to find that, even though I used to dance full time, I owned no good workout clothes… So I ordered myself a few things and workouts became way more motivating. I love how they make all of their collections work together and focus on layering pieces and fun details. I’ve found that I reach for them even when I’m not working out.

Oh. Another thing! Good workout undies! Check out our FitKnix Athletic underwear for seamless (because tights are tight) breathable and fast drying undies – these combined with Alo outfits has changed my workout life.